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"Rachel is an incisive, nuanced, thorough, empathetic, and gracious reader, in addition to being a stunning writer in her own right. She has a gift for seeing the potential buried in writing, for peeling back the layers of what a story is, could be, wants to be; for injecting humor and heart; and for transforming her insight into concrete and actionable feedback. Every piece I’ve worked with her on is stronger and more compelling because of her work—I cannot recommend her highly enough."    -James Craig Hartz Jr.

I offer one-on-one short story editing services. This includes detailed line-edits, written commentary and track changes, and a thirty-minute conversation about your work, and whatever other writing stuff we want to discuss. Talking with another writer about your work can help generate ideas, bring up questions you wouldn't have asked yourself, and infuse new energy into your process. I find it does all these things for me, whether my work is the object of discussion or not.

My maximum length for this kind of work is around 10,000 words, but I can easily be convinced to take on a longer piece, so just ask! There is no minimum, so bring me that teeny tiny flash piece (or several of them) if you want.

"Rachel Attias is one of the most careful, insightful readers I’ve encountered. She sees into the heart of the story and is able to identify the areas that need the most work and gives concrete advice for how to improve, while still keeping with the vision of the writer. Every one of my stories that have passed before Rachel’s eyes is more poignant and more intelligently written for it! If you’re stuck on a story and don’t know where to go, send it to Rachel! Do it! Now!"     -Emma Uriarte

Rate: $0.05/word, or $50/1,000 words. If your piece(s) come to under 1,000 words I will charge a flat rate of $50. Fee always includes our thirty-minute conversation.

To request editing services, simply send me an email telling me about your story (what it's about, how long it is, what you're struggling with, etc) and I'll be in touch.

"Rachel is a brilliant writer and as such is able to hone in precisely on the problems in other people's work as an editor. She always brought great insight to my work, and I am indebted to her for many invaluable suggestions that opened stories up to me. She sees not only my problems, but also has an eye for the exciting and unique parts of your writing that you won't want to lose."     -R.M. Fradkin

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